Young Jonny

Lyrics by Dan Woods


Young Jonny I knew him, a metor kid
So sure what he wanted to do
Every morning he’d say: “Mummy, I want to play
The piano accordion too.”

And he played, how he played
On his grandfather’s rusting and rotting machine
His mother walked down and she bought from the town
The finest accordion you ever have seen.

Young Jonny he knew in the old house beside him
Lived angry old Mrs MacDuff
To improve his technique he played six days a week
The neighbour felt one was enough.

And he played, how he played
And Mrs MacDuff she would pound on the wall
But Jonny was proud, he was playing so loud
Above his own music heard nothing at all.

Drove the old lady mad, Jonny’s dream of becoming
A piano accordion star
Till her vindictive makeup, it led her to take up
The six stringed acoustic guitar.

And she played, how she played
Our boy couldn’t sleep, on the wall he would pound
Macduff she kept strummin’, pretend he was drummin’,
A bitter guitar yet sweet music she found.

By playing the players would plague the poor neighbours
By banging would retaliate
And too late they found that the great wall between them
Did not have the strength of their hate.

The houses were gone, and from under the rubble
Two bloody musicians did climb
Where once was a wall there was nothing at all
Side by side for the very first time

They played, oh they played
With her two broken strings and his dusty machine
They find that they are the greatest guitar
And accordion band that there ever has been.

Copyright 2010 Dan Woods – all rights reserved.

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