I Hold You In My Hand

Lyrics by Dan Woods

I saw you from a distance, and your looks were so divine
My world was torn apart and I just had to make you mine
Now I hold you in my hand and I will never feel alone
My beautiful, wonderful, touch screen phone

I’m not so good with people, I wanted you so bad
I used to go out by myself, just me there looking sad
But now I’ve a companion, it’s so good to have you near
You make me feel so special when you whisper in my ear

All of my friends think you are sexy
Though perhaps you’ve not been ageing all that well
You give me something to do in social situations
You’re helping me to come out of my shell.

An encyclopaedic knowledge, you’re good at reading maps
Everyone agrees those are a lovely pair of apps
I take you down McDonalds, it’s got a wi-fi zone
My overbearing, photo-sharing, touch-screen phone

Although on one occasion you slipped from my embrace
I see how much it hurt you from the cracks upon your face
Though you do a lot of thinking, God you love to make me wait
Only I know what it feels like when I turn you on vibrate

But where are you now? Where are you now?

No, I never dreamed I would lose you
How can there be no future between us?
No I don’t know why I left you
On the 197 bus.

Why don’t you answer when I call?
Without you my life means nothing at all.

Copyright 2010 Dan Woods – all rights reserved

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